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huhu... im soo desperate!! somebody help me.. [3.31.07]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i admit.. i am new to multiply.. but i just can't figure out why my profile has to revert or whatever before it could show it's content.. huhu.. i cant explain further just check it out--> cLiCk mE... :'(

help in any form will be very much appreciated..=)

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i dont want to be your girlfriend! [3.28.07]
[ mood | jubilant ]

i just enjoy listening to avril lavigne's new song.. ahahha.. i really just had to share it... =)

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pictures! pictures! pictures!! [3.28.07]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i figured that posting all these pictures will only destroy my page.. so i'll just place all the links so you can view them at ease.. =)




this was really some experience..hope you enjoy looking at me and my friends faces.. ahaha..=)
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summer escapade.. woot! woot! [3.28.07]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hahaa.. lying has always been my doing. whenever i see my friends going out on bars and stuff.. i lie, so that i could join them. whenever i see my friends coming in for the night at one of my friend's house, i lie, so that i could join them. telling the truth (especially to my parents) has always been really hard. yeah. yeah. i know, honesty is the best policy but if i tell the truth, i won't be able to experience stuff. i wont be free. i will miss out on things which i shouldn't have. haha.. it's really hard to have the type of parents i have. so well mannered, so secured, so formal and most of all so conceited.


i think it really was a good thing that i went on with our summer escapade last saturday march 24 till sunday march 25. coz if i hadn't come i wouldn't be able to spend time with one of my closest friend. lealynn arciaga who'll be staying in australia for good. i guess i'll miss her soo much! but life is always like that. someone always leaves.

what am i doing, its freakin' summer! time to spend time with the ever broad beach. ahahah..

so how's your summer vacation??

btw, i'll be posting pictures in the next entry.. hope you enjoy.


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hahaha!! i saw james with ken buno!! mga anghel na walang langit.. [12.29.06]
[ mood | cheerful ]

just this like, 25 minutes ago i saw james with ken buno in the sidewalk [near gate 1-or was it 2- of ateneo] hahaha... you've gotten really tall james... a whole lot of height you've have there... god!! you were like wearing a black and white striped jacket of somesort... and yeah, you still look like the old james that i knew and admired... ahhaha.. admired tlaga... [pero totoo kasi galing mo sumayaw eh.. ehhehe..]and oh yeah! you both look like sharlene and nash of mga anghel na walang langit... hahaha... ka-cute!! hehehe.. =)

anyways, i've been really busy doing all the asikaso and all for my COMELEC papers and stuff... coz i really REALLY [and yes, this is a life and death situation thing] need it! i like can't take the board exam if i don't get my filthy hands on those papers and stuff!! [humanda!!]

gee, i've been really gay these past few days.. like i saw a lot of ok-type guys in magsaysay park.. hahaha.. soo cheap i know.. but the hell.. tooooot was there... ahhahaa!! ooohhh.. he's soo gwapo talaga!! hahah... soo gay!

soo, i technically spent my holidays with my family...

and it was ok.. im still looking forward to a joy-less new year... ha! like, my family and i are not that close.. coz, my brother just had a year-end war and it really cost me alot of bruises and pasa! and for that i hate him.. haha..

i like am sick these past few days... well as expected coz i technically just had my examinations and these usually is the aftermath of which... hahay..


happy holiday everyone..

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friendship, plastikan and all those ka-ek-ekan [12.21.06]
[ mood | irritated ]

i really dont understand why some people act as if you were really their friend. I mean, they act so well that it always comes to a point wherein they made you feel as if you belong or something and yet after some nonsense times that you didnt get to see each other, they just act as if you were a piece of trash... yung tipong parang nakiki-join ka na lang sa kanila.. after like, ilang months na dikit sila ng dikit sayo..


i hate plastic friends.

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more and more and more projects! pain in the ass minors! [10.1.06]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i really hate this week and the week that's yet to come..

ugh! finals..

i have to think a lot on things...

and my minors take almost all of the time with which i should have spent for my majors..

PHC-RLE and PHC-LEC are major subjects that are VERY hard!! and i should spend dedicate myself to those areas... but my fucking minors deviate my path towards those subjects...

am i making sense here??


guess "patience is the virtue which i dont have"..


hope to pass this sem.. :)

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ooohh... [9.21.06]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i just love the clothes anne hathaway wore in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA... hahaha.. and i just love the way meryl streep a.k.a miranda speaks... hahaha.. it's sooo CALM and yet she plays a very wild character.. hahaha..

soo anyways, i just cant get over CIARA for these past few days... i just love her new song.. watch her perform here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUm4lSi_o9Q..=))

last tuesday was really scary.. for some reason i just can't imagine how i went through that day... for a fact, it was that day when my mother tried to commit suicide... geesshhh!! OHHMYYFUCKKINGOOD!!!! i was SOOO freaked out when i heard the news... my brother was like... "putang ina!! si mommy nag-laslas!!" and hearing that from someone like your brother really scares the shit out of you... well, i was a good thing (somehow... i think.) coz after the incident my dad and mom finally reconciled... but the price was really something... god! imagine 4stitches on her left wrist.. ugh! and to think that belongs to your MOTHER.. GOOD LORD!

i guess families are like that... maybe what my mom did was very SELFISH of her, but i still believe that something good comes out of it... i think..

btw, correct me if im wrong, was it anne hathaway who had those boobies exposed in brokeback mountain??=)

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having a brother SUCKS!!! [9.10.06]
[ mood | sore ]

geezz! my right sole really hurts like hell...

i've been fighting with my brother for the last... i don't know.


and i thought that brothers should be the "caring and protecting" ones... maybe for others they are but as for me.. NOO!!

sometimes i wish i was free.. (far out)


like, just a while ago, i've been watching the UAAP cheerdance competition.. and like, the UST Salinggawi won (once again) and i was like, ohh.. good one! i hope james was there to participate... hahaha...

all hail UST's pyramids and tosses and flips and... and.. ahH!! they were really GOOD! and yes, i ADORE their costumes.. ugh! wish i could have one..

to all UST studs out there.. good job!=) Uuuussssttt!!(3x) ugh!(4x)hahah.. i hope that was right..=)

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Lisa Frank!!! [9.8.06]
[ mood | accomplished ]

OMG!! i soo miss lisa frank!! hahaha.. i used to have and obsession of that way way back gradeschool... ahhh!! i like saw this click me and everything about lisa frank (from stickers down to stationeries even to ballpens and bags..:D) flashed back!! ahhh... sooo weird!?=))


i've been really obsessed with lindsay lohan these past few days... it's kinda weird since im a gothic type of guy... maybe it's because she really looks good on all her pictures.. haha...=)

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debut, debut and another debut!! [9.8.06]
[ mood | artistic ]

im soo tired of buying gifts for all of my friends who will be celebrating their debuts... ugh! im dried to the last cent...

sometimes i think that having too many friends is a pain in the pocket..


stupid thought..

anyhow, i've got to get dressed up... i have a debut to attend to..

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emancipation of a lost soul... [8.29.06]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i haven't been able to post for quite some time.. well i was pre-occupied with a lot of things.. there has been a lot of things going on with my mind, things that i can't quite comprehend... ooohhh, i just wanna die!

i have been SUPER busy with my majors... well as what i have read from james' blog he's having a problem too.. geez i guess everybody does have their own problems.. hahaha.. too bad i have one too..

like, the worst came to worst when:

> last August 4, 2006, Nursing 2 ranked third on the cheerdance competition held at the DMSF grounds... yay! considering there were only three presentors... boohoo! i cant believe we lost to some batch of scrupulous, timid, life-less freshmen!!! ooh! the hell... for pictures check--> click me.. and watch my agony...

> and speaking of agony i couldn't help but say my condolenses to the soul of camille rabia, a nursing freshman of my school, who died of a vehicular accident... and incident which could have been lessened if not hindered hadn't it been for her so-called "friend".. and yet that b*tch calls herself a friend! ugh!

> late last August 17, 2006, my grandfather died at the age of 81 y.o., it was kinda shocking knowing that my lolo stayed with us up until his last breath. it was kinda scary at the same time, cause he died on the bed where my younger brother used to sleep.

> just today, we recieved a news that another one of my schoolmates from DMSF died... geez! what's happening to the world?! why is everybody dying all of the sudden!?! and yes, it was JOY DOWAKI who died, and for some reasons, she died because of toxicity due to certain drugs... as the story would say, she commited suicide... creepy.

> and yes, tomorrow is our MIDTERM EXAMS and i haven't reviewed a single subject yet... im soo gonna fail this subject!! and i have problems with one of my majors... oohh!!! i hate this... and i thought that college life was all about parties... ugh!

well at the very least i still got to change the looks of my page... hahaha... soo far out! and oh yeah, PHARMACOLOGY grades were made available just a while ago... hahahah! i ranked second.. hahaahah!! good for me.. i hope that i could maintain it anyhow...

soo how's life been treating you??
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im soo bored. [7.16.06]
[ mood | calm ]

i just escaped from house today.. geez im soo freakin bored... i hate this..

i kinda gave it a thought or two about studying cause prelims are coming fast... but hell yeah! i will study but NOT today.. like sundays is my only resting day.. i cant compromise it for yet another thing.. hell no!

im listening right now songs of evanescence.. how i love their poetry and their music!! hahaha.. and the fact is hi5 plays it in a variety of way.. how i love their flash music play list thingy.. hahaha...

i've really been into nothing... well, i plan to join in this years foundation day cheerdance.. like i know how to dance.. i think?! wish i could strut my ass like james does.. hahaha..

ana montaña where have you been!! i was surprised to see you update your journal.. hahaha! you've been silent for quite sometime eh.. hehehe..

now that i have said what i have to say, i shall now go back to my BORING existence..

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wish i was dead. [7.2.06]
[ mood | artistic ]

my feet are numb from all that walking and stuff... yesterday night was the night to be.. i realized how beautiful davao was at night... luckily i wasnt able to meet some killers and theives along the way [since i was walking on my own.] well, davao really is the place to be.. hahaah! or at least i wish it was.

i almost freaked out when i saw a couple of middle-aged girls standing along a corner near San Pedro street... they were like talking to a lot of men asking them for services in exchange for money... i was lucky to have evesdropped on a conversation but i just the thought of hearing it and saying it here would just be too much. soo, i walked on till i reached the city hall.. there i saw a lot of lovers sitting at one end.. they wouldn't seem visible much since it was like 10:30 in the evening.. i rested my feet there for quite sometime and went on walking... hahaha! i felt soo stupid doing that but i guess that's just how i do things.. i explore. hahah..

oh yeah!

i saw a lot of "pick-up" girls along the way... and "callboys" too... it really creeped me out coz i never thought that davao would have anything of this manner.. hahahaha..

i finished exploring and stuff by 11:30 and it was then that i decided to go home... since my feet and legs were killing me for all that walk... hahaha.. when i got home, my brother kept on talking about how MANNY PACQUIAO would defeat that OSCAR LARRIOS guy... blah. blah. blah.

now today's the MANO a MANO fight of PACQUIAO and i wonder if he really would win as most of the filipinos expect him to... geez.. if i were in his shoes, i'd wish i was dead. :D

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im soo gonna die [6.27.06]
[ mood | tired ]

soo here's the deal.. i signed up for COMELEC in our school thinking that i'd get the privelege to do things expecially during election days.. but i was dead wrong! ha! well for a fact we [the members of the COMELEC] have to prepare LOADS of things! and god! i have my Primary Health Care-RLE class every monday and tuesday and it starts at 6:30am and sunday before that i have my COMELEC meetings and whatever things... geezzz! im clearly missing out on sleeps lately... like i haven't slept for 8 hours [or more] straight! and my eyes hurt more now than before...

im going blind!

maybe this is the price of me wanting to do things that i think that i could... well i think i could do it... well i have COMELEC meetings to attend to, Capping & Pinning Ushering to go to, Toast Of the Day/Week/Month preparations to amend at, Pharmacology & Fundamentals of Nursing books to read, Return Demos to practice and prepare and lets not forget social life to constantly update... im sooo gonna die!!

this is the reason why i havent been posting anything this month...

geezz... [hahaah! *slaps himself for believing that somebody outhere is reading this... =P]

well, in some instances i have been preparing myself for this kind of pressure.. i just hope i make it out alive...

oh destiny! why ever did i listen to your nonsense! i should have joined starstruck or whatever! hahahaa... whatever!=)

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new layout--again!! haahha... [6.19.06]
[ mood | bouncy ]

OMFG!! i love my new layout! hahaha...and for this would like to thank snapple5803... well i kinda modified it a bit.. but all in all i thank you for posting it in ___layouts4me... ahhaa... i love you guys... hahha...[feeling close... hahaha.. :D]

well im off again to type my report... gessh... i never thought that being a COMELEC member would be such a hassle... sigh*... i'd better kick my butt now... :D

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first day of classes... woot woot 2nd year here we go! [6.13.06]
[ mood | ditzy ]

woot! woot! second year here i come!

i was lucky that my first day of class as a SOPHOMORE turned out to be great... i met a lot of my "old" friends from last sem and yes we did bond a lot... hahaha.. there were a lot of new students here in our school... and sadly to my expectations nobody stood out... hahaha.. i mean.. walang gwapo... hahahaha... soo faggot! soo, anyhow, i was soo loud to this day.. i kept on roaming and do stuff... well, i was kinda missing some of the bondings that me and my barkada did before... well a lot really has happened... now what am i talking here... geesh!

last saturday i was lucky to have talked to my friend from illinois, louela whom by which i really REALLY missed... hahaha.. we talked a lot! we talked of how their graduation went by and the disasters that came with it... and her STUPID promdate who by instance forgot to buy her a corsague! ahahahah!! well i really missed that dope... hahaa..

well so much for that, i do hope that this year turn out good for the rest of my friends... hahaha... james, i hope you did find some cute guys in your school! hahaha.. sooo-faggot! hehehe... i'll post na my summer experiences on my next blog! hahaha... hope someone reads it! ahahah...

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my summer sucked like rotten eggs!! [6.6.06]
[ mood | chipper ]

before anything else.. i would like everyone to take notice of the date today... hahahah... perfect combination! hahaaha...=)

sooo, my summer this time came out to be the BORING-EST [in the superlative degree*]coz, i didn't do anything but just sleep and eat and sleep and die!!! god!! i haven't been able to be in touch with the outside world for like a GAZILLION time/years!!! well at least i was able to watch PBB which was fun coz i expected KIM to win! ahahaha... [i hate gerald... sooo, ambisyoso! in the latter part of the "BIG NIGHT" where kim was like waving and savoring her moment, gerald came on in the limelight and stole the moment from her!! and i hate him for doing that! ugh!] soo, anyways, i was able to gain weight a bit and i grew a lot taller... hahaha!! yipee! =)

these days, im sooo desperate!! i haven't watch SILENT HILL and XMEN3 the last stand and yes the OMEN!! ugh! i hate it when i dont have resources! ahahah...

i'll post more of my stinking summer in my next post... so that you'll have a feel of what it is to be living in a stinking resourceless and trite-ish life of mine...

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summer=total boredom [5.23.06]
[ mood | bored ]

gee i never thought that my summer here would be oh soOO boring!!!! my GOd!! i want to go to the beach.... ohh.. i wish i were in boracay... huhu...

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